Thursday, 6 January 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

* being super busy at work * popcorn * listening to Cat Stevens and the Beatles and the Swell Season * being called 'Bob' * getting a lift to work with Em and Lesley * visits from Lukey * chocolate fudge hedgehog cakes * PJ tips monkeys * having red hair * meditating * watching 500 days of summer * hot showers * using my new sewing box * wearing PJs * new socks * shiny polished shoes for my first day back at work * a little robin watching me gardening *  homemade christmas pressies off Em - copies of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel Nut Zippers CDs and a grass head! *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a lovely one! x


  1. I *love* your list, happy weekend to you! This week I love:

    - Long conversations with super interesting people about their super interesting businesses!
    - Managing to devise a concoction in the kitchen and NOT burn the apartment down. Whee!
    - Silly e-mails to and from my sister
    - And making some excellent new plans for the year ahead :)

  2. I love your happy list Corrine! Hurrah for new-non-appartment-burning-concoctions! Hope 2011 is very excellent to you! x


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