Saturday, 2 April 2011

How to Make a Seed Sprouter...

This week I've been entertaining myself by growing alfalfa sprouts!  I made the sprouter myself from a jar and the toe of an old pair of tights (I always see those plastic, layered seed sprouters in the health food shop and think What? Do you not know you can make that for free?  Madness!)

I'm sure you all either know how to make this, or can figure it out for yourselves, but I'm gonna tell you how to do it anyway....

1. Find an old jar (doesn't have to be a jar actually, I've done this as an activity with preschool kids using plastic cups, so nay see through container will do) and clean it.

2. Find some fabric that will let water through it.  I used the toe of a pair of tights (I tried a square of pretty tshirt fabric, which didn't work and I thought about using the toe of a sock until I realised I'd be picking sock fluff out of my seeds!) I've also used one of those white kitchen cloths, basically, any sort of fabric with a loose enough texture to let the water out but keep the seeds in.

3.  Find some elastic bands.  Now you're set!

4.  Buy some seeds or see what you have in your kitchen cupboards.  I bought some alfalfa seeds (mine are from suma because I love their new recyclable packaging!)

5.  Put some of the seeds in the jar, put the fabric over the top of the jar and fasten tightly with the elastic bands.

6.  Put a couple of inches of water in the jar and leave the seeds to soak for a couple of hours, or overnight, the drain the water off (through the fabric!)

 7.  Keep the sprouter somewhere light and rinse the seeds with clean water every morning and night, until they've grown as big as you want them!

8.  Eat your sprouts and feel healthyful :)

Do you sprout your own seeds or beans?  What are your favorites?  How do you like to eat the sprouts?


  1. I love the pink tights Sooz... looks sooo neat! I sprouted some chickpeas, alfalfa, buckwheat, quinoa & rasish! I will def try use old stockings/tights instead. I'm sure it will work sooo much better than my concoction with netting folded over... ha-ha! Can't blame me for trying! ;-)

  2. Smart! I have not done this for decades. Time to start again.

  3. Thanks Carolyn - I like the sound of your netting invention and it's always better to use what you have to hand than buy something new! I'm intrigued by the chickpea sprouting, I wondered about that, does it take longer for them to sprout becuase they're bigger?

    Happy sprouting Rosaria!

  4. Love it! Going to have to try this!

  5. Hi Shannon Marie :) Thanks for visiting (and following!) my blog...I'll be sure to check yours out too :D

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have been wanting a DIY sprouter for quite some time now, and this looks right up my alley :)

  7. Oh awesome, glad to have helped! Happy sprouting! :)


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