Sunday, 10 April 2011

Whats Happening in Your Garden?

In mine, all my seeds are sprouting and growing!  It's very exciting and I make sure to visit them at least once a day!

Here we have a courgette, spinach, peas, beetroot and broccoli...

... dwarf broad beans and leeks...


... cress, pak choi, coriander and basil...

...lots of herbs and strawberries...

...salad leaves...

... this is our fig, you can see some tiny figs on it already...

... leeks, these are last years leeks, they've been out overwinter, we probably won't pick them until we move house.

We also have cucumber, pumpkin, pepper and sunflower seeds still in the greenhouse waiting to germinate!

What are you growing?  How is it going?


  1. I love that you have a little bit of everything! It isn't quite warm enough where I am to leave any seedlings outside yet. I amstarting to get impatient! Your plants are lovely :D

  2. Thanks Shannon Marie :) Hope it warms up where you are soon!

  3. LOVE your fig tree... ;-) We recently moved and I'm sooo missing my fig and apricot trees. I planted and looked after for a few years, so it's sad to say good buy... :-) Your garden do look lovely... well done!

  4. Thanks Carolyn! Our fig tree is in a pot so we'll be taking it with us when we move, but we'll miss some of our other plants and especially the birds, hedgehogs and field mice that live in our garden...I'm already worrying about what they're going to eat when we're not feeding them anymore :(

  5. Ahh, you have a fig!! :) WOW!! :)

    And when are you gonna move? And where? :) Go Sooz!! :)

    I'm stuck in the attic for the time being, trying to make the most of it - we'll see.. (It still feels as half storage room/'archives' lol!)

    Ah, I forget the English names for veggies, but we've eaten some yummy ones already, red raddishes and lettuce too.. found it, asparagus!! :) yum! (sis is the one who keeps eye on it and cooks'em well too!)

  6. Oh, forgot to say, the tomatoes are quite big too.. Haven't been into the garden thing this year much, it's mostly mum's endeavours.. I'm contemplating what to do with the balcony tho, not sure!!

  7. My mum's just bought a new house, we haven't sold the old one yet, so we're living in the old one for the moment and making the new one pretty (it needs some love!) and using the garden as an allotment too. No chance of me moving out on my own until I have the job situation sorted (again), I'd just started looking at shared houses and found out I was going to lose my's alright at home though so I can't complain too much!

    I'm glad you've got some yummy veggies growing, even if you're taking it easy this year, maybe you could do herbs or something cute and little and edible on the balcony, like strawberries! yum!


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