Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tie Die Duuuuude...

This weekend it was lovely hot weather so I knew if I did some dying it would dry quickly.  I've had this turquoise canvas bag for ages...it came backpacking with me a couple of years ago where it got all sorts of yellow and brown and black stains on it.  It's the perfect size so I decided to dye it and bought some dylon machine dye in Antique Grey.  I popped it in the machine with my bag and then thought hang on, I could dye more stuff at the same time and had a quick raid of my bedroom.  I found 4 cotton hankies to dye, and a pair of knickers! Yep that's right, I now have tie dye pants!  They make me laugh...A Lot!



The blue zips on the bag didn't dye, so I might replace them, or I might sew buttons all over the bag, which might distract attention from the bright blue zips! 

Here are my tie dyed hankies!  I'm sooooo pleased with them!  I used rubber bands to tie them, which worked really well.  I had a peek at them in the middle of the dying process and it didn't look like the tie dying had worked, so I was very happy and surprised to see it actually had!

To the right you can see my glorious tie dye underwear!  I'm not usually a fan of showing my undies off online but I'll make an exception this once!  I also dyed the NY t-shirt my mum brought me back from her holidays.  It was Very White which isn't wise for me, so I saved a little of the machine dye (I thought it would be too dark if I put it in the machine and I was right!) mixed it with salt in a bucket and hand dyed the t-shirt, which I will now be able to wear without fear of getting chocolate, mud or pen all over it (actually, I probably still will it just won't show up as much!)


  1. I think the blue zips look great as a contrast, I'd leave them like that.

  2. Very nice - we haven't done any tie dying for years, but always loved doing it!

    Kay :)

  3. I've never done tie dying before...! very interesting... your knickers looks cute too. ;-)

  4. Thanks Kezz, it's quite likely they will stay like that, mainly because they're sewin in very well and I think I might make a mess replacing them!

    Me neither Kay, I used to help at Brownies when I was younger and our whole pack made tiedye purple, orange and yellow tshirts, they were awesome but I haven't tie dyed since - so I'm glad it worked!

    Thanks Carolyn, now I've rediscovered tie dying I want to do more!

  5. Love the T-shirt & knickerzz!! lol!

    Not so sure about black hankies, are you sure?? ;)
    (I like to keep'em white/light-colored so they can get 'disinfected' at high temperature washes.. :)

    I liked the turqouise bag too, new one looks stunning too, and I agree with leaving the zippers in for great contrast!! (You don't even need the buttons.. Though maybe it would look great with those too, depends on the buttons.. And would it be more in danger of weather if with buttons? Not sure what the material is.. :)

    Go Sooz!! :)

  6. PS I'm afraid to tie-die though I had an eye on it once... I now have a ton of old pots and pans to experiment in, so hmm, we'll see...??
    Have you ever done it *without* washing machine?

  7. Oh yeah, I'm defiantely not a white person, I'm far too grubby! I hardly ever have a whites wash to put my white hankies in, so they'll stay cleaner if I can put them in with alll my dark clothes! I probably would have chosen brighter colours for them if I hadn't had the black already!

    You can't tell in the before photo but the turquoise bag was really stained and icky looking, I really liked the colour of it origianally but the dirt wouldn't scrub out of it! I'm glad other people like the blue zip, it helps me to convince myself that I like it, so I don't have the trouble of putting a new one in!

    Please don't be scared of tye dying! It's magic! When I used to help at a brownie pack we all made a tie dye tshirt (mine was purple) with the dye and salt in buckets, it's very easy, you shoudl give it a go if you ever get that I-want-to-tie-dye-feeling again! :)


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