Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Garden...Day One...

Contracts exchanged on my mums new house last Friday, she's done lots of hard work in the garden already but now I have no work I've been helping too.  Thankfully the weather's been really dry, so the weeds have been relatively easy to pull out.

This is the veggie garden, which is two raised beds at the bottom of the garden...


6 hours later... the little bed and half the big bed have been cleared of weeds, covered in compost, contents of old grow bags we found in the greenhouse and organic chicken poo pellets and dug over...in the little bed are dwarf broad beans, a couple of rows of spinach in between and lots of onions.  Nothing in the second bed so far but we plan to put our potatoes, beetroot, brassicas and lots of other stuff in, we need to have a bonfire to get rid of that massive pile of wood first!

This is Trevor the Toad, he had a bit of a shock when mums trowel nearly cut him in half, but he seemed quite forgiving about the whole ordeal, especially after we provided him with his own private swimming pool!

This is another part of the garden, under the Damson tree (we think that's what it is anyway!) mum cleared away all the weeds then we planted a rhubarb and a courgette.  I made a protective courgette force field from some clear plastic which I cut sharp points into, there are a LOT of slugs and snails in the garden and if any try to climb over and eat my little courgette I hope they'll get spiked and change their minds!  I also put some spring onion seeds round the bottom of the mound of earth the courgette is on, hopefully they'll grow before the courgette gets too big!

Phew! Me and mum have both had to have a lie down on the sofa after that!


  1. Love all this outdoor work, always full of promises and yes, some aches and pains too. Looking forward to good eating.
    I grow most of my veggies except tomatoes and eggplants.

  2. Thanks Rosaria! Athough I didn't feel it yesterday I've done something painful to my back today, and I'm having to take the day off! Woops!


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