Monday, 2 May 2011

Cottage Garden...

Our garden is really pretty and full of flowers this time of year, and as this is our last year in this house we're making sure we really enjoy it, this is the cottage garden-ish part of our garden, it's full of lots of flowers and it buzzes when you walk past it so I guess that means the bees like it too!

Hope you're having beautiful, blossomy days, where ever you are!


  1. Wow Sooz! This is sooo beautiful! I really love the flowers and greenery...I can just smell them... aaah and hear the bees buzzing. ;-) Enjoy the last of it... i'm sure your new house will be filled with stunning flowers like these in no time!

  2. Thanks Carolyn, the new garden will be full of these flowers, cos we're digging lots of them up to take with us!

  3. I hear the bees buzzing too.

    Yes, you must certainly take some of those flowers with you.

  4. Glad you've got some bee friends with you too Mangocheeks! My mum certainly has plans that involve me, a trowel and those flowers this weekend!

    Thanks so much Shannon Marie :D


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