Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Garden Progress...

Lots and lots of things are growing in our new garden, it's very exciting..last week we cleared the very last bit of garden, the bottom corner where we're going to grow more veggies, had a giant bonfire and dug over all the soil to make it nice...we're going to add some manure and compost, have a final weed (we have buttercups all over this garden...nightmare!) then get our leeks and some kale and cabbages in there..

Here's the bottom of the garden before...

And after...

We need to sort out the bit at the very back, that's behind that spikey tree, but the tree is too spikey, we will cut it down in autumn and then make it all tidy.  Eventually the spikey tree spot might be where we put a chicken coop and have some chuckies!  Eeeeexciting!

This bed has broad beans (they're supposed to be dwarf, but I don't think any one's told them that!) and onions.  In between the beans are rows of spinach and beetroot.

The bees seem to be enjoying the bean flowers - they buzz loudly as you walk past!

We have zillions of gooseberries, next year we'll get rid of most of the bushes, but this year we'll have to think of lots of creative gooseberry uses because neither of us are keen on them!  we also have loads of damsons, I'm going to dry some in my dehydrator and mum's going to make jam!  We must remember to make damson vodka too, it's totally delicious!

 We also have lots of pretty flowers!

How do your garden's grow? 


  1. Don't you just love the bees.

    What a difference a little love and labour makes to the garden. Everything seems to be growing grand. Oh gooseberries, by the way, I couldn't quite make out the photograph what is the one below the gooseberries - plums?.

  2. Ignore my question, should have read proper - damsons!

    Excited to read that you have a food dehydrator, Its something I'd like to get one day, what type do you have? and would you recommend it?

  3. Ooooh... what a gorgeous, gorgeous garden! I have no idea what a damson is! I've never had one... Gooseberry pie seems ok? You can send the gooseberries to me! All the way to South Africa... ha-ha! Enjoy your gorgeous garden and yip dehydrator... cool. Also don't have one... would love to get. What a weird flower... the last one... it looks like little 'pockets' very interesting! Gorgeous colours...

  4. Mangocheeks - I have this dehydrator
    When I bought it it was only £25 but I see the price has gone up, which was one of the main reasons I got it, as other models and even second hand ones on ebay were going for £100+. I have nothing to compare it to, as I've never used another type, but mine seems to work fine, it's a little noisy (think hairdryer fact I think it looks quite hairdryer-ish inside), you have to make sure you shuffle the trays around becuase the one on top dries out first, basically, it's a good basic model, you can get quite a lot in it and the things I've dried with it have stayed dried so long as I've kept them in air tight containers...I have no complaints about it!

    Thanks Carolyn...a damson is a small type of plum, they're not very tasty raw but make good jam...or delicious when mixed with vodka and sugar and left to soak for a couple of months! You'd be welcome to the gooseberries, I think everyone we know will be getting gooseberry presents this year! the pink flower is a cosmos, our 90 year old next door neighbour grew it for us! Isn't it pretty! The petals aren't fully open yet, soon they'll ping out and look flatter, but I like them better like this!

  5. Beautiful! What I would give for your gardening talent, and how exciting to have chickens -- I look forward to seeing those pictures :D

  6. Thanks Karen :) it'snot really gardening talent, only pulling weeds up, planting nice stuff and hoping!

  7. Thanks for letting me know Sooz.
    I have to admit, it is the most affordable versions I've seen around. I'm gooing to seriously think about it.

  8. What motivated folks you are - looks great!

    Kay :)


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