Friday, 20 May 2011

Things I Love (almost on) Thursday...

This week I heart...

* making a notebook * new CDs arriving * a nice boy picking up my bike helmet when I dropped it * reading 'The Dragonfly Pool' by Eva Ibbotson * job interviews * blue skies and white clouds * tidy garage * tidy and polished bedroom * green bike oil  *listening to Eddi Reader, Norah Jones and Lily Allen * chips * blogger coming back * reinstating a stripey ikea rug in my room  *talking about growing veg with a nice boy in wilkinsons  * Dr Who * Eurovision - especially the gnome hat wearing, fairy unicycling entry! * rag rugging * planting kale and parsley, courgettes, mini sweetcorn, nasturtiums, calendula and marigolds  *watching Practical Magic * eating my first home grown spinach * tiger bread * getting good books from the library * buying 70s curtains and bedsheets * bouncy clean hair * my best friends beautiful wedding photos (she got married in Brazil, where she lives, I couldn't go, but she had a beautiful day!) * little blue tit in the nest box * baby robins and sparrows and blackbirds in the garden * Glee * big bonfire to burn all the garden wood * whizzing downhill on my bike * having a good driving lesson and my instructor saying I did good manoeuvres * hedgehogs * squirrels * frogs and newts * gardening in the sunshine *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a lovely one! xxx

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