Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My 'exotic' houseplants...

After reading a chapter in Alys Fowler's 'The Thrifty Gardener' about growing houseplants from seeds around your kitchen, I was inspired.  I have an avocado pip waiting to sprout, a peanut and a maple tree!

The maple tree was a 'grow your own tree in a can' type gift that was in my Christmas stocking. Only I don't really have anywhere to put a maple tree, so I'm going to experiment with making it into a bonsai tree!  I'm especially proud of my peanut, it's about my 4th attempt to get one to grow, rather than go mouldy and die!

The avocado pip is in this cool little vase, which used to hold a hyacinth bulb, it's just the right size...otherwise you can use a shot glass or put some toothpicks into the pip and use them to prop it up in a glass or jar with a wider mouth.

Do you have any exciting houseplants??


  1. I have to get that book...!!! ;-) Awesome idea to grow seeds from in your cupboard... I recently found that you can even try and grow your almond seed as well (if raw off course) i've never tried a peanut? seems so weird. I must admit, i've got green fingers when it comes to avo pips... I actually just put them in sand... half covered and 9 our 10 times it grows! Out in the sun too... But with everything else... no green fingers at all... I am trying to go on a permaculture course. i've got so much to learn! Good luck with your bonsai project... ;-)

  2. You do need to read it...I love Alys Fowler! Also, she wears lovely vintage-y dresses while gardening...very pretty!
    I need to get my hands on an almond to try! I also want to try chickpeas, but we always buy them in a can, which I don't think would work!
    Sand for avocado pips, huh? I'll remember that in case the water doesn't work...although I think your sunny climate probably is a big help too...avocados don't naturally grow in England so I'll have to trick mine it's somewhere sunnier!

    My friend did an online permaculture course (I think with this company http://permaculturevisions.com/) She really enjoyed it and I read some of the info she was sent and it looked really interesting, it's something I've always wondered about doing..please let me know how you find it when you do one? :)

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