Thursday, 5 May 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I lurve...

* the 2 baby blackbirds and 2 baby sparrows hopping around our garden * Royal Wedding excitement * taking a short cut down an alley to get to mums new house and realising it cuts through loads and loads of allotments * watching William and Kate: The Movie * hedgehog on the lawn * Watching Dr Who (bit scary!) * dancing round to British Sea Power * singing Les. Mis. songs really loud * pink sunset * pink candles * watching Pretty in Pink * playing Beatles songs on the guitar * talking to mum on the phone * filling the pond nice and full so the fishies and froggies can breathe * watching Hope Springs, Easy A and Catfish * reading Phillip Pullman - The Broken Bridge * getting over the first bump on my rag rug * sleeping under my crochet blanket * beautiful purple and yellow flowers * eating a Fry's Peppermint Creme bar * happy Fluffy snail in a clean tank with lettuce and biscuit to eat * bidding on CDs and DMs on ebay * Mummy coming home * William and Kate mug * planting lots of veggies * Next doors cat at the new house lying down on the back of mums legs and trying to have a cheeky snooze while she was digging in the new garden * lovely phone call with Luke *

What do you *heart* this week?


  1. That's lovely!

    We've enjoyed the extreme weather & filming the sea, eating out at the Eden Cafe, Going to Sime's gigs & getting a free meal at our local pub...

    Kay & Sime xx

  2. A free meal!? Sounds good to me! My mum's just got back from holiday in Cornwall, she said about the weather...what a shame, it was lovely and sunny here in the midlands!


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