Thursday, 8 August 2013

Charity Shop Treasure...Hornsea Heirloom Haul and Retro Plant Pots...

I've had some fab bargains recently!

This set of Hornsea Heirloom pattern biscuit, coffee, tea and sugar containers, and the matching coffee pot were £5 for the lot!  The seals have pretty much withered away on all of the lids of the jars, but I'm not going to use them to store food in anyway (I don't drink tea or coffee and I have a hedgehog jar for my sugar), so it doesn't really matter.  Totally worth the arm ache I got carrying them home!

Have I ever shown you my sugar hedgehog?  My mum bought him for me...

I bought these Hornsea plant pots on the same day, but from a different charity shop, as the rest of my Hornsea haul!  They were £1 each...

The mustard and brown plant pot was 50p and the snail one was £2...

And this retro beauty was £1.50...

One can never have enough retro plant pots in my opinion!


  1. Nice finds! I love your hedgehog!

  2. The hedgehog put a smile on my face! You got all of those for 5 pounds? That's nearly free! I think the plant pot is my favorite, and that's a steal just over a pound.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. I know, I got lots of lucky bargains this time!

  3. So now you are a Hornsea collector ?

    1. Well, it is like having a ready made collection, but I have some bits of Hornsea Fauna I've been collecting for years too!


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