Sunday, 4 August 2013

Things I Loved This Month...July...

This month I've loved...

* Waiting for my baby niece to be born * seeing Despicable Me 2 and The Worlds End and Macbeth at the cinema * vegan haribo * planting kale, spinach, quinoa, chives, coriander * home grown strawberries * lots of lovely charity shop bargains * ice lollies * sitting in the park * BBQs * skyping with my friend * bees * swallows swooping * stickers * potato salad * butterfly dress * playing guitar * open mic nights * making my balcony pretty * fans * throwing ducks * rainbows * thunder and lightening * visiting Powis Castle and seeing peacocks and peahens and chickpeas * oreos * making pizza dough * yeasty, bready smells * cool breezes * picking sweet peas off my balcony * finally getting round to making my christmas gingerbread house, then eating it all * magic beer garden * 

Hope you've all had a good month!


  1. You are such a busy girl ! like the sound of the magic beer garden !

    1. Yes, I've been lucky and had lots of lovely things to do this month!

      Magic beer garden is this one in Shrewsbury...soo pretty! (not my photo, just one I found on google!)

  2. Everything looks DIVINE... yet I question why you are making Christmas houses?? LOL... That one made me smile!

    1. Oh you know, cleaning out my kitchen cupboards and found a gingerbread house kit from last Christmas, I didn't want to wait till next Christmas to eat it!


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