Monday, 12 August 2013

Great Northern Adventure...Day One...Gawthorpe Hall, Townley Hall, Pendle Hill...

I've just got back from spending a lovely couple of days in Lancashire and Yorkshire, visiting places my mum grew up and some new places too!

We went to Burnley, where Mum grew up and where I visited my grandparents when I was little.  We went to Gawthorpe Hall, which is a National Trust Property with a lovely textiles collection.  

We also went to Townley Hall, where there's an art gallery with art by John William Waterhouse and Edward Burne Jones.

(these aren't my photos - I nicked them off google, apart from the lady with the bottom, that's my photo! On the left we have 'Wood Nymphs' by Edward Burne Jones, top right is 'Destiny' by John William Waterhouse)

Next we went to the school Mum taught at, her old house and then a pretty grave yard where some of my Great-Great Grandparents are buried.

Finally, we drove up by Pendle Hill, to the Pendle Witch Shop, my grandparents ashes were scattered on Pendle Hill, but we didn't walk up it, as it was about to rain and I have a foot injury at the moment (by foot injury I mean I Really hurt it doing a workout DVD in my living room! Owch!)

I shall be back with day two tomorrow!

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