Thursday, 15 August 2013

Displays and Drawings...

This is some of my recent 'art' work, I don't really do much drawing apart from little bits of doodling for myself, but some of the stuff I do at work is for display to the general public!  Luckily I'm better at sticking big bits of paper together, cutting stuff out and staple-gunning it to a display board!

This is the display I made for the childrens area of one of the libraries I work in.  It ties in with this years Summer Reading Challenge theme of 'Creepy House' (which I think is a bit Halloween-y rather than summer-y, but I went with it anyway.)...

I put spooky characters in each of the windows, my favourite is this zombie guy...I imagine he's saying 'braaaiiiinnns'...

I also made a little Creepy House for near the library desk...

I love my job!  I also drew this recently, it's big, about 3 foot long, for the Pirate Party we had at the Rainbow unit I help out at...I coloured it in with crayons, which was the best bit cos I love crayons!

Have you been drawing or making anything awesome?


  1. Oh no, not Halloween already ! time goes by so quickly, in fact the older you get the quicker it flies !
    Nice work by the way.

    1. Thank you :)

      They're not Halloween, they're for the Summer Reading Challenge, which has a spooky theme this year, I'm going to take them down once the summer hols are over (but probably keep them for our Halloween display in a couple of months!)

  2. Sooz I love it!! I agree more halloween than summer but so what cause its awesome!!
    (And I love Halloween :)
    Tammy x

  3. it looks so great!
    i keep seeing the creepy house thing in our local library and think it's a bit silly to have it as a summer reading theme.... ah well, i also love halloween so the earlier the better!

    1. Thank you Sian :) I think it's a silly theme too, I much preferred the Circus theme we had last year, although I do like the illustrations by Chris Riddell this year, they're quite cool. Hopefully they'll choose something more summery for next year.


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