Sunday, 28 December 2014

Manly Mens Ribbed Crochet Hat.

I crocheted this hat for my boyfriend for Christmas.

Mens ribbed crochet hat free pattern ravelry

It's from the free pattern found here on Ravelry from the blog Eating Out Loud.  I used a 5mm crochet hook and aran weight yarn, the brand is Tivoli and it's a tweedy, wool/acrylic mix.   I used 1 and a bit balls of wool for this. 

Mens ribbed crochet hat free pattern ravelry

Typically, I started crocheting this on the 23rd of December, and finished on Christmas Eve!  The pattern made my brain hurt to read (what do you meean you skip 4 stitches, at one end, every 4 rows?!), but once I'd started it made perfect sense and was a quick and easy pattern to follow.

Mens ribbed crochet hat free pattern ravelry

I've never done a ribbing stitch in crochet before, this one is really easy.  The ribs are made by crocheting into the back loop of each stitch, and it makes a lovely warm, stretchy fabric.

Mens ribbed crochet hat free pattern ravelry

It was funny to make something so black and manly, I love colour and stripes and flowers and pompoms, but I don't think my boy would be very pleased with that!   It was nice to try a new stitch and a new style for once, but I'm back to finishing off my mustard shawl now!

What are you crocheting at the moment?


  1. What a lovely hat! My guy is pretty particular about his caps, but he would dig this one, especially with your choice of yarn.

    1. Thank you, my boyfriend is also particular, but this is similar to the styles he usually wears, and he only wears black/grey/brown/etc, but this pattern worked out well and he's worn the hat every day since he got it :D


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