Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Things I Loved this Month, December 2014.

December 2014

This month I've loved,

* vegan chocolate advent calendar * taking stuff to the charity shop * broccoli pasta * buying plates with my boyfriend for our new home * Wetherspoons chips and onion bhajis * seeing a live screening of the Crucible at the cinema * new (from the charity shop) shoes and dresses * having my tea cooked for me * watching Torchwood, Agents of SHIELD, Sabrina the Teenage Witch DVD box sets * visit to Sunnycroft to see the Christmas decorations and hear Mum sing carols * Carols in the Square in Shrewsbury * Christmas sleepover at Mum's, complete with a visit from 'Santa' (who looks suspiciously like mum, wearing a red dressing gown and a Santa hat!), lovely presents, spending Christmas morning with my boyfriend, Christmas dinner at my Brothers to play with my nieces, and Christmas night snoozing on Mums sofa in between watching Muppets Christmas Carol, Doctor Who, Miranda, Call the Midwives and Downton Abbey * chocolate hedgehog cake * pringles * Christmas tree shaped crumpets * lots of visits with my nieces, the littlest baby smiles lots and is lovely and cuddly and giggly, the biggest baby is so clever, she has so many words now, I looked after her for a whole morning and she pretty much followed me round the whole time saying 'Hi Zizzy, Hi Zizzy, Hi Zizzy, Hi Zizzy', I love being Auntie Zizzy * a relaxing New Years Eve, all alone, with plans for an early night and to finish off my book *

Hope you've had a great month too!


  1. Wow you have had a busy month - I have too December is the month where I am running just to keep up with everything that needs doing. Happy New Year Suzie 2015 is going to be a fabulous year, I can feel it in my bones.


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