Sunday, 11 April 2010

How does your garden grow...

Mine grows very well, actually!

I'm very excited, everything is sprouting and being beautiful!

I re potted my tomatoes this morning (I bought these from a garden centre rather than growing them from seed, I have a 'plum' and a 'totem' which is a bush tomato) and my courgette, which has grown some really lovely big leaves! My peppers are just about to break through the soil, I can see little bits of green just under the surface (my camera can't though, so there are no pictures of them!)
My spring onions are springing! Mums planted a trough with rows of salad leaves and spring onions, and hers are springing too! We have a garlic factory! And the mint plants have lovely new leaves all about!

Sadly the garlic I've had in pots since last year have been a bit rubbish - I decided to harvest them, mainly because I was fed up of looking at them, and they hadn't really grown properly - they made what looks like a spring onion, it's made up of rings when you cut it, like a leek or a spring onion, they still tasted really garlicky though! Bit disappointed that they were so small, maybe the pots weren't big enough or they didn't work cos they were supermarket garlic not seed garlic?

I finished off my gardening spree with a big dig of compost from the compost bin (which was lovely and full of worms!) to plant some potatoes into (we've put them in pots so we can take them with us if/when we move)

And as a reward for all my hard gardeny work I have been allowed a corner of the greenhouse shelves to keep my tools on (the Easter bunny bought me a trowel, fork and snippers this year!) Yey!

Hope you're all enjoying some sunshine this weekend!


  1. You have done a great work!!!
    I still have planted some little plants of strawberries I bought two weeks ago. Weather is still a bit cold, so I fear to plant seeds... I have rocket, cherry tomatoe, parsley seeds to plant. And a lot of flower seeds that the Easter bunny also gave to me! :D

  2. Sooz,
    We can compare notes. As you know this year I will be growing a lot more in pots and in my tiny garden plot. Its the first time I am growing garlic in pots too, mine is seed, so hopefully they will turn out good. So far everything is looking good in your space and mine. Long may it continue :D
    I have no tomatoes though, may pick some cherry toms up this weekend for the window sill.

  3. Danda - I think our Easter Bunnies have the right idea! I have strawberries too - I forgot, mum sorted them out for me, cuttings from last years plants I think, I can't wait for summer strawberries! Hope it warms up soon for you so you can get your seeds in! I'd love to knwo how you get on with them!

    Yey Mangocheeks - that sounds like a great idea, I'll definately keep my eye on your gardeny doings! Heres to happy, potty gardens for all! :)


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