Sunday, 11 April 2010

Zero waste-ish trip...success??

Well, I'm back from my wee family trip to Essex, and we didn't do too badly on the waste front...I collected a lot of recyclable rubbish while we were in the car (although everyone looked at me like I was a complete nutter..specially when I kept 'rescuing' bits from the general rubbish bag!) and in our hotel room (I shared with mum) but I think a LOT went in the bin in my bro and his girlfriend's room when I wasn't there to save it!

Here's some of the stuff I rescued - there was a lot more but I think the recycling fairy must have wisked it away!
If it had just been me on my own I think it would have been a lot easier, my brother is pretty impossible to convince on recycling, he never does it even at home so I knew he'd be a challenge to get to recycle anything! But even my mum, who is generally quite cooperative with my eco schemes, made sandwiches packed in a plastic box but then put each sandwich in a plastic bag (which then went into the bin) and produced a Variety pack of cereal, all wrapped up in separate plastic bags..argh! How can you make other people understand why it's important not to put their sandwiches in plastic bags!?? Any ideas!
Also, I have a new little cousin (2nd cousin?? she's my cousin's child so...!?) I think she is delicious!


  1. Whoa!!!
    A new look for your header!!! And a new cousin!!! Too cute!!! Best wishes!
    Well done with your trip! You did the right think, no matter what the other say! So, next time your brother will start to think that it's better to recycle and your mother will find another way to pack sandwiches!
    I know, it's hard to make 'em understand... I always find the same difficulties when my family come here to visit me. But at least they started to ask me: "where I can throw this?" or "Can I recycle that?" And it's more than enough for me! ;)

  2. Thanks Danda :) You're right, it's small steps and setting a (hopefully) good example - I just sometimes wish it worked quicker!!!

  3. She's soo cute!! :)
    I'm almost glad you have problems with your bro.. as I still have some problems with my sis too!! (And I've made her translate Clean Bin trailer and see some other stuff, and tried to lobby her etc! So much depends on whther or not we're fighting over who'll do the dishes or such too! And if she's on a diet (again) and...)
    Many other people have problems with family too.. Even my mum, who's so green, still has misunderstood some things too (and still loves some plastic bags too) so.. it's a process!!
    Danda, you are greatly inspiring!
    A friend of mine who only recently got recycling facilities locally said her parents/in-laws carry mixed trash home instead of even leaving it on the counter!
    (So.. some people have much farther to go!!)

  4. Lol, I have more problems with my brother than just eco-friendliness! We don't get on very well and he doesn't live with us so I don't get very much of an influence over him, I was actually surprised he even gave me his rubbish to recycle when we were in the car, he would usually put it in the bin (just to spite me!) so maybe I've got through on some small level...I try to be all zen and bhuddist about him and tell myself that I can't change other people's behaviour only my own recations to it (this usually doesn't work and I end up wanting to pinch him!) I reckon if you work on your sister slowly it'll sink in, specially if you do her share of the washing up!
    My mum sounds the same as yours, but at least they're getting there with the eco-ness and you can't change everything at once, I know I didn't and I bet I still do some horribly ungreen things now!


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