Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ethical Clothing Pledge...

While I was randomly clicking about on the web I came across Isis' blog and saw that she has created an Ethical Clothing Pledge, which you can read more about here

I pledge to only wear clothing that is one or more of the following:

1. Pre-loved

2. Handmade (preferably by me)

3. Reconstructed

4. Made with ethical / environmentally friendly materials

5. Made by a company with strong ethical policy & workers' rights

* Companies with environmentally friendly practices (such as cutting down on waste/energy/water) get brownie points

* If I get one little inkling of sweatshop labour, I'm outta there!

* Above all though, I think the most important thing is reducing the amount of things we use in the first place. Not purchasing ANOTHER piece of clothing just for the sake of it is the biggest statement we can make.

That's the pledge, up there! I'm very glad to find it, because it echoes a lot of what I think about clothing and buying clothing. If you read this bog you'll know that I keep my eye on what I buy, and I buy mostly 2nd hand clothes anyway. But recently I've found myself tempted by shiny beautiful new clothes and thoughts that when I get a job I'll buy new clothes, I think a pledge like this will remind me to 'stay strong' and avoid all such unnecessary purchases!

What do you think? Is anyone else part of the Ethical Clothing Pledge?


  1. Great idea! I decided not to buy any new articles of clothing for the year. It's sort of hard when I see all the cute new styles, but I have enough in my closet already!

  2. Wow, thats a really big commitment! Are you allowed to buy 2nd hand stuff?? Good luck!
    I've found the ethical pledge has worked on me already - yesterday I saw a lovely pair of jeans for £3 in a discount shop but put them baqck cos they were made in china!

    Thanks for visiting Nicole, lovely to see you here :)

  3. Sooz, that's awesome! Great post! It echoes my heart. I would like to buy some new clothes too. But I'm not willing to sacrifice my values just for a new blouse. I've got to first do some research into companies that I can feel good about and who live lighter on the earth.

    It's nice to know there are others out there that feel the same way I do. And put things so eloquently too!

    I do have a local thrift store nearby. I should remember to check that out! It's such a great feeling to find a cute bargain! :)

  4. Hello Vegan Valerie, thanks for visiting and for following :D It's lovely to see you :)

    Well, I can't take credit for the pledge, that was written by Isis, but I too agree with it's sentiments - you're right though, our values are definately more important than having new clothes! :)


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