Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Vegan Chocolate Fridge Cake...Biscuit of the week...

I made these from some shop bought biscuits (of the mothers) that were lying about, uneaten for ages in the cupboard (so I was probably preventing food waste! Really!)

Vegan Chocolate Fridge Cake (my mums' recipe, veganised by mee)

8oz of digestive biscuits
4oz of margarine
2 tbsps cocoa powder
1 tbsp syrup
6oz chocolate

* crush the biscuits and mix in the cocoa powder
* melt the margarine and syrup together then mix into the biscuit and cocoa mixture
* spread mixture out into a tray lined with foil and press it down so it's firm
* melt the chocolate (I used less than 6oz in the end, about 4oz and it made a nice thick layer) and smooth it over the top of the mixture
* put in the fridge to set and then eat it! Keep it in the fridge between eatings, other wise it falls apart!


  1. Yumm!!! It must be very good! :)

  2. Hi Sooz, I'm going to add you to the ethical clothing pledge right now. if you would like to put the badge on your blog, just copy it from mine. Thanks for joining in :)

    x isis

  3. Hey Danda :) Thanks, they were extremely delicious, even if I say so myself!

    Hi Isis, Thannks for visiting :D And for signing me up to the pledge - yey!


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