Saturday, 22 May 2010


If anyone's getting bored of seeing pictures of my veggie-babies, well, get used to it - I'm so excited to see them growing, and they're growing so fast - I can't resist sharing my photos!

Tomatoes are huuge and flowery
Big courgette and little courgette are growing fast and big has flower buds waiting to burst!

These are the big and little peppers and I bought a new chilli pepper - it's the taller one at the backGarlics are big and strong and healthy

Potatoes are huge and have been earthed up
I found an exciting patch of wild strawberries down the side of our house and our other strawberries are looking lovely! I split and repotted my mint (they're the 3 pots to the left) and it's really enjoyed the sunshine and so have our other herbs.
Hope you've had some sun to enjoy - it was 27 degrees (c) here today! phew!


  1. Great to see your progress. I did a little bit of gardening on this bank holiday. So much grows in two weeks!

  2. Hi Mangocheeks! Thanks for visiting :D

    I know right, I turn my back for a couple of days and my plants seem to grow at least a foot each!


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