Monday, 31 May 2010

What I bought this month...

a bag of compost
4 balls of wool
a TV guide magazine
a chilli pepper plant
2 books
an aloe vera plant

I feel like I bought a lot this month, but looking at my list it's not actually that much! I think it was the 2 books that did it, one was new (The Edible Garden) and the other was quite expensive (Food for Fee by Richard Mabey - all about foraging for food). I'm not used to buying new or expensive things so I feel like some sort of shopaholic! The wool is another problem, as it's not actually made from sheeps but from acrylic - I dislike buying plastic wool, but I've started crocheting a blanket and it needs finishing with the same kind of wool. Once it's done I'll definitely be looking into more eco friendly crocheting materials!


  1. Hi Sooz,
    I think those two books are a great treat for you. Both are on my list to buy.

    Look forward to your crochet creations.

    I had a aloe vera plant, some how I can't seem to look after my indoor home plants, sadly I have it no more. Its a wonderful plant.

  2. Hi Mangocheeks - hope you had a good holiday!

    The books are both very good (better pictures in the richard mabey book would make it even better though) and I've been sitting in the sun in my garden reading them and scheming gardening schemes!

    I have also had a terrible past as a houseplant killer - it's only now that I'm staying with my mum that I've managed to keep some alive, I think it's because I've got a houseplant expert on hand 24/7 to ask questions about watering them to!


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