Thursday, 27 May 2010

Product Swap, Aloe Vera.

I've had this tube of organic aloe vera gel that I bought when I used to work in Holland and Barretts as a Saturday girl. That was in 2003. (I now feel old!) After being applied to many sunburns, eczema-ry bits and other random rashes the tube is empty. The tube is also unrecyclable. No more shall be bought! Instead I bought an aloe vera plant from a plant sale at a National Trust place last weekend (we bought 6 large trays of various plants for £5! It was plant heaven!), he cost 50p - he was all brown and dry and sad when I bought him, but a bit of gravel round his bottom, some water and sunshine and he's a lot better. And when I need some aloe vera gel I can snap a bit of leaf of, squeeze it and apply the gel that comes out!

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