Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Edible Garden...

Hello internet world, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been sick *cough cough!* and have spent the last week curled up on the sofa with my blanky and a box of recycled, FSC, to-be-composted-once-used, tissues! I was thoroughly fed up of it this morning, as I wobbled downstairs, decided I was too wibbly to go to my usual thursday morning garden volunteering and slumped on the sofa to watch This Morning while nibbling my coco pops in a dejected manner...when...I heard some swearing on my doorstep then a loud plonk (the post lady seemed to have some trouble getting the parcel through the postbox!) and yey! My Alys Fowler The Edible Garden book had arrived! Yey! I sold a good many shiny things on Ebay this month and thought I'd treat myself to a new, brand new, not-second-hand, made-made-out-of-new-trees-just-for-me book (it is FSC certified though!). This is a special occasion and doesn't happen very often! Has anyone else been watching Alys Fowler's 'The Edible Garden' programme on BBC2? I've completely loved it, been inspired by it and I want an Edible Garden (sad-sad-sadly I won't be moving for another couple of months, so I think I'm going to have to wait!!) Alys, her dog Isabelle and her chickens Alice and Gertrude live happily in their little urban garden in Birmingham growing a lovely symbiotic, organic, flowery and vegetably garden, forage for food and eat delicious looking meals!

You can watch all the episodes on the BBC iplayer if you want to see it, the final episode was on last week.

I'm off to sniff some more, curl up with my book and dream happy garden dreams :)


  1. Poor Sooz!!! Hope you'll get well very soon!
    I can't watch these episodes on BBC web channel. They aren't available in my area... so I can just imagine and wait 'till you'll realize a garden like that! :)

  2. Thanks Danda, I'm feeling mostly better today - yey!
    There are some clips on youtube if you're curious
    but one dat I will have my own edible garden!!!

  3. Hope you get better soon!!

    I googled her up, and looks interesting! :)

  4. Thanks Layla! I'm feeling much better thanks!
    I want Alys Fowlers life, she's my new girl-hero I think!


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