Saturday, 4 September 2010

Adventures in Making Fruit Leather...

After my blackberrying adventures last week I decided to make blackberry fruit leather in my dehydrator with the berries I hadn't eaten was super easy, but I think I made my mixture too runny - my leather is really thin!  It tastes nice though!

Here's how to do it...

1. Wash blackberries, in salted water, to make sure there's no wildlife in it.

2. Put blackberries in a blender with some lemon juice (I'm not sure why, I googled making fruit leather and most of the instructions I found said to add it, I think it helps to preserve stuff and it makes it tangy) and some icing sugar, blend it up then taste it, add more sugar or lemon until it tastes nice.

3.  Sieve the blended mixture to get rid of pips.

4. Pour the mixture into your dehydrator (line with baking paper first!)

5.  Dehydrate!  Until it's stopped being sticky and it comes away from the baking paper in one piece (this is where mine went a bit wrong I think, mine would only come off in little funny shaped bits)

6.  Store, in bits or rolled up, I covered mine in icing sugar to stop them sticking together.

As you can see, it's very thin!  Has anyone who's (successfully!) made fruit leather tell me where I went wrong!? 


  1. Fruit leather was going to be on my hit list this year, but that was before I lost my allotment plot. So sorry my dear friend, I cannot compare notes YET!

    :D I'm proud of your first attempt though.

  2. Thanks Mangocheeks :) Look forward to seeing your results when you do have a go!


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