Tuesday, 7 September 2010

National Zero Waste Week in Food Waste Photos - Day 2...

I ate a bit weirdly today, I worked a late shift at work, so I had a really early lunch, and early tea and then 'supper' when I got in...it's a hard life...

Breakfast - 2 wheatabix with margarine on, mug of water.  Food waste - none!

Lunch - Beans on Toast, grapes.  Food waste - some bean juice - washed off, 2 manky grapes - composted.

Tea - Leftover bake from yesterday, apple, cashew nuts.  Food waste - apple core - composted (there's a lady at work who I haven't met yet, but who has put a composting bin next to the other bin and takes
it home to put in her worm bin, and she writes updates on the notice board about how much the compost-waste weighed and how much her worms enjoyed it! I love this woman!!)

Supper - 2 vegan sausage rolls, crisps, chocolate.  Food waste - none!

No pic of my tea, because I took it with my phone at work and I don't know where the cable for attaching that to the computer is!

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