Thursday, 9 September 2010

National Zero Waste Week in Food Waste Photos - Day 4...

Breakfast - 2 wheatabix with margarine on, mug of water.  Food waste - none!

I had 2 bourbon biscuits during my tea break at my garden volunteering this morning - I needed the sugary fuel to help me to carry on harvesting a LOT of apples!

Lunch - I grabbed a couple of crumpets before I had to hurry out again.  Food waste - none!

Tea - Garlic mushrooms and pasta.  Food waste - mushroom stalks and garlic peel - composted.


  1. Nothing wasted! Composting needs to be easier and cheaper, somehow, so all urbanites can participate.

  2. You're fantastic - I love your blog this week; your idea is so inspiration and it just makes me laugh to see your plates. Great result - well done and thanks for participating with such an element of fun

  3. Hey cool! Now I can comment on your blog! Awesome!!! (I've been seeing it on google reader, so I didn't know)

    This Zero Waste Challenge is really cool, I have to say. I admire you for doing all this work here. (for me, this seems kind of hard...)But keep up the good work because you ARE making a differece!!

    I came to tell you that I gave you two awards, so please come and get it! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for visiting Lakeveiwer :) I agree with you! I'm so lucky to be able to have a compost heap at home, last year I lived in a city, in a house with 4 other people and nowhere to compost - we produced so much waste :(

    Thank you Mrs Green :) I'm really enjoying Zero Waste Week so thanks for organising it :D

    Aww thanks so much for the awards Miho, you're so sweet :D I have to admit, I'm not really working hard on the zero waste week, I already thought I was creating very little food waste, so I thought I'd take photographic evidence to make sure, although trough thinking about it so much this week I have thought of some ways to reduce what I waste even more, which I'll be posting about at the end of the week :)

  5. I love your No Waste pictures- what a neat idea!

  6. Thanks so much Leslie! :)

  7. Great idea for the photographs.

    PS I've been having problem with blogger uploading photographs since Wedneday too. Hopefully just a glich and its sorted now.

  8. Thanks Mangocheeks :D glad it's not just me having technical probs!


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