Saturday, 4 September 2010

I LOVE my garden...

Yup, time for more garden progress pictures again!

First of all, we dug up our first lot of potatoes, we didn't get very many, and they had 'scab' (so says mummy) but they were sooo nice roasted with our sunday dinner!

These are some Leeklets, they've taken ages to grow hope we aren't going to run out of time to get them in the ground!

My chillies are great-stuff, the first pic is of a finger chili I bought for 99p in a sale, and the other one is a cayanne pepper...

Everything else I've grown this year has gone a bit brown, and sad looking, I don't know if it's blight or if it's some other disease or just an effect of the funny weather, the tomatoes at least are still fruiting even if they look a bit horrible...

The courgettes haven't courgetted for ages, all the leaves went brown and brittle, so I cut them off - a few days later a flower appeared on one of them so maybe I'll get a few more out of them...

So there it is, a bit brown and scabby, but still making delicious food and giving me something interesting to do...I love it!


  1. Those veggies trying so hard to survive, pumping up all their energies to stay alive and provide the final fruit, I say hurrah to them and to us for appreciating their tenacity and super-tasting results. I too am a gardener, trying to grow my own, remembering my childhood when everything we ate was grown by us, tasty and satisfying.

  2. Hi

    just popped over from ukhippy

    always good to meet another blogger

    we have been busy this year growing our own food nothing like it , an on the old bus we are solar and windpowered free from the bills

    my main blog is at

    love and peace from the wee hermits in the rusty tin can

  3. Thanks so much for visiting Lakeveiwer :D I shall pass on your hurrah to my veggies, maybe it will encourage them!

    Hello Dafthermit, thanks for visiting :D Do you grow your food on your bus? Thats an impressive feat!

  4. Wow. Those chillies look really nice! Add some of those tomatoes and some zucchinis and you have a really spicy salsa for hotdog weekend! LOL. Oh. I can't get my eyes of those chillies! LOL.

  5. Great photos! Love the chillies too! :)

    Tomatoes look like mold has gotten them - were this under the rain? We have ours mostly under roof - in glasshouse or under a plastic roof thingie - this year even the ones outside the roof lasted long, otherwise mostly they get moldy - I think it's due to acid rain and such..
    (Long years ago no roofs were needed!!)

    What is the recipe for the potatoes? (with wine?) They look intriguing!

  6. Thanks for visiting Rose Dipped :) The chillies were very spicey - I chopped them all and dried them and managed to burn my hands, they didn't stop hurting for 2 days!

    Thanks Layla! Some of the tomatoes were inside, some outside, but even the ones inside went all brown and sad looking really quickly :(

    I didn't make potatoes with wine! I'm intrigued too! :p lol

  7. I really love your chillies! They are so perfect and reddish. What do you call those kinds of chillies? I want to have chillies like that. So sad with your courgettes and tomatoes.

  8. Hello!
    Another garden enthusiast I see! Very inspiring!

  9. Melaine Plush - I don't think I saw your comment, sorry! The chillies are a type called finger chillies and I'm still enjoying them dried now!

    Hi A. Levemark :) Yes I do love my (mum's) garden! I can't wait for spring to come to get started again! Hope you have a lovely garden to play in?!


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