Thursday, 2 September 2010

National Zero Waste Week...

National Zero Waste Week is from the 6th of September until the 12th.  My Zero Waste are running a food waste reduction theme ('Cooking for Victory')

National Zero Waste Week

I found taking part in last years My Zero Waste's Zero Waste Week's challenge really effective - the challenge was to reduce your household waste somehow, I chose two really simple steps, no more buying bottled water and no more using plastic bags.  Since then I think I've bought one bottle of water (it was very distressing, I was very hot and it was the only choice other than feel increasingly wibbly from being dehydrated) and rarely take a plastic bag. 

I really wanted to take part this year too, but I feel like food waste isn't really a problem in our household (food packaging waste is a different story, but as I currently don't buy the food I don't really get much of a say!) - we control our portions, eat leftovers, eat things before they go off and compost the peelings, etc.  So, after a bit of a think, I decided to use this years Zero Waste challenge as a chance to test myself and see if I really am as low-food-waste as I think I am.  I'm going to take a photo after every meal I eat to show what food's left over.  Then I'll post them here, of course.  This will show that either I really don't have any food waste, or where I can improve if I do.

Is anyone else taking part in the Cooking for Victory challenge?  I'd love to hear what you pledged to do!

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