Sunday, 13 February 2011


  1. Hi Sooz,

    Enjoying reading your blog - very inspiring!

    Have you come across the No Impact Project? We took part in the experiment at the beginning of January & from that have across other folks like yourself!

    It's great to see so much positivity!

    I'm going to post your poster on to my Facebook page - hope that's ok?

    kay :)

  2. I agree Drea! Definately motivation to reduce rubbish!

    Kay - thanks for visiting my blog :D
    I've not heard of the no impact project before, sound like my kind of thing though...I shall go and google it now!

    The poster isn't actually mine, it's from a series that are published in a book - I nabbed them from here ( I'm sure it's alright to use it if you credit the source (I haven't been asked to remove it yet anyway!)


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