Saturday, 26 February 2011

What I bought this month...

1. 2 metres of hessian fabric
2. rag rug tool
3. rag rug rag measuring thingy
4. Sarra Manning book
5. retro glass owl

I feel practically virtuous this month, I have not exceeded my target of only buying 5 things...although nearly everything I bought this month is NEW!  I did try many a time on Ebay for second hand rag rug things but I suspect everyone else has been watching Kristie's Homemade Home/Edwardian Farm and wishes to make a rag rug too, as there was a lot of silly bidding to very high prices going on.  At least I bought the tool and gauge from a specialist online rag rug shop, it pleases me more to keep a small, speciality business going than giving my pennies to a giant corporation.

Sarra Manning books are my guilty pleasure...I religiously bought Just Seventeen magazine just to read her 'Dairy of a Crush' stories and have read everything she's written since.  She rocks!

Mr Mchootington the owl and I took one look at each other and knew it was meant to be...he needed to come home and live with my other retro owls, and so he has.  £1.50 from the charity shop!


Out...(shake it all about!)

I got rid of 1 bin bag of books (to be lugged to national trust second hand book shop), 1 bin bag of clothes and a boogie board (who am I kidding, to the charity shop with you) and a bag of stuff I'm selling on Ebay.


  1. Can't wait to see what you will be making with the hessian fabric... you are so talented! Love your blog... ;-)

  2. Thanks Carolyn! :D The hessian will be the base for the rag rug I'm planning on making - I'm still at the cutting the rags into strips stage at the moment which is taking a looooooooooong time!


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