Thursday, 10 February 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I LOVE...

* the smell of soil * beautiful messages from Emily * giggling so much I got told off for being unprofessional at work! * watching Lost in Austen * passing my driving theory test * it being light when I left work for the first time in ageees * sleep * clean bed sheets * noticing a dog pawprint in the tarmac on the path down my road * new Lush soap * reading the new Sarra Manning book * snowdrops * pasta and garlic mushrooms * chocolate *

(Short list this week...I'm trying to remain cheerful - I found out on Tuesday that my contract at work isn't being renewed so come April I'll be out of a job...I am allowing myself this weekend to wallow and be a bit miserable, watch DVDs, read that big pile of books by my bed and eat many yummy things, before working up some motivation and positivity to face finding a new job!)

What do you love this week? Hope you're having a grrrrreeat one!


  1. Sooz, the lovely thing about being young is you have TIME! Go on, look at every new job as you would a date, enjoy the newness, learn about the other, understand yourself a bit better.

    Changing jobs when you're young is an advantage in life, a building of experiences with minimum investment.

    Good luck! Your positive attitude will charm the interviewer, for sure.

  2. Thank you for those wise and kind words :) I'll be sure to keep them in mind.


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