Saturday, 5 February 2011

My Room...

My mum (who has very kindly let me stay with her for the past year while I've had a huge I'munemployedIcan'tfindajobanddon'tknowwhattodooooowithmylife type meltdown) has bought a new little house and ours has gone on the market. Before my room became sotidyitlookslikeIneverlivedthere I took photos of aaalll my pretty, shiney, messy things...

(photo's are very shiney - we either have dull horrible lighting or too much sun or flash going on in all of these! ark!)


  1. Lovely room, Sooz. Your next one is just around the corner; maybe more than just one room; an entire apartment you get to decorate from scratch. What kind of work do you do?
    I see San Francisco on the wall. Did you get to visit there?

  2. Thanks Rosaria :) It's my childhood room which is why it's so very full of stuff!
    I work part time as a Library Assistant - I want to pass my driving test (I'm learning here and my instructor doesn't teach in the town I want to move to) then find a shared house to live in the bigger town about 10 miles away, until I can find full time, permanent work - then hopefully get my own place!
    San Francisco is in the day dream pile! If I find myself unemployed again I'm heading for an American adventure!!

  3. Oh Sooz enjoyed looking at your space. I agree with Rosaria, an entire flat ir not a house one-day, but it is all step by step as shared accommodation may be the next realistic step. That is how it was for me. I now have a two bedroom flat, a house is a dream.

  4. My room is so bare now, I like having these pictures to remind me of how it was! Thanks for visiting Mangocheeks :) I can't wait to have a place of my own, but you're right, (another!) shared house first is definately the way forward for me!


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