Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rag Rug...Inspiration...

I've been wanting to make a rag rug for ages now, I've always loved the look of them and after seeing how easy they are to make on both Kirsites Homemade Home on channel 4 and BBCs Edwardian Farm I have gathered my rags and am waiting eagerly for the postperson to deliver my tools...until then I'm looking for inspiration...

Rag rug, inspiration!  secondhandsusie.blogspot.com
I took this photo in Morocco - unfortunately neither the rug or the dog would fit in my backpack!

Rag rug, inspiration!  secondhandsusie.blogspot.com
rag rug making Cumbria

Rag rug, inspiration!  secondhandsusie.blogspot.com

Have you ever made a rag rug?  Tell me all about it!?


  1. Ha! The photo of the rug with the loo roll is my photo, the reason ... it was the best object around to show the depth of the rugs pile as most people have a loo roll at home so they can easily get an idea of the depth themselves LOL!
    Have you made a rag rug yet??? They are a real labour of love & very addictive!

  2. Ahh I see your logic! Hope you don't mind me using your photo, the rug you made is gorgeous! I'm about half way through my rag rug (which is heart shaped and all different pastel colours) I'm sure it would be finished by now if i didn't keep getting distracted by other things I want to make!


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