Thursday, 19 January 2012

Charity Shop Treasure...Sylvac Bunny...

I found this lovely little sylvac bunny ashtray for £4 in the charity shop!  I love these sylvac bunnies 'cos they have sweet little smiles and a knowing look in their eyes.  (yes, I know I'm a mad bunny woman!)

I know his poor little ears are broken, but that's because he's been used as an ashtray poor thing, he's come to my house for a nice bath with bubbles and then to rest his cute little lungs!


  1. He is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the congrats!

    Jaclyn T:)

  2. Oh, sooooo sweet. What a fabulous buy. xx

  3. Such a cutie - he'll fit in well with your collection!

    Kay :)

  4. Thank you all, he is very much at home with the rest of my bunnies!


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