Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crafty first shop order...

I've been selling bits and bobs online for a while now, but my brother's girlfriend's mum has just opened a real, bricks and mortar shop in Welshpool, which is about 30 minutes from where I live, and asked me to make some things to sell in it!  The shop will be behind the market hall in Welshpool, and the business is called Flaunt should check it out if you are ever having a Welshpool adventure! 

So I've spent the last week making this little lot...

Crochet head bands/ear warmers with flowers on...

Crochet flower brooches....

Crochet butterfly brooches...

Crochet flower hair grips...

All the wooly things are made from vintage or second hand yarn, bought from second hand shops or ebay.  I buy extra long hair grips from boots, becuase they are the only ones I can find that don't come wrapped in plastic...they're just on a nice simple cardboard backing...thank goodness!

Vintage fabric cards...

And a vintage (Laura Ashley!) fabric bag...

I made business cards using Piknik and printed them out on to the backs of cereal they're more eco friendly! going to have a sit down and a glass of fizzy pop now!  Have any of you ever sold things in a shop?  How did it go? Any tips?


  1. Wow, you have been really busy, and everything is gorgeous,I love the button details on your flower brooches.I hope the shop does well and you get lots of repeat orders.

  2. It's all looking great Sooz!

    I'm sure you'll do really well & it won't be long before you've got repeat orders flying in!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    K&S xx

  3. Thanks everyone! I still have half of the original order to complete, and then I want to make some things for my Etsy shop, and then there are some craft fairs I want to do n March, I think I'm going to be busy for some time!

  4. You are so creative Sooz! Love all your creations. I'll have to place an order from you soon! ;-) Where do you find the time to do all these? To answer your question... no i haven't sold anything in a shop but would love to. I'll watch your adventure unfold and learn from you... ;-)

  5. Sooz,
    I love them all. Can't wait to start crocheting myself. Welshpool you say....

  6. Thanks Carolyn... I only work 3 days a week, and volunteer for another day, so that's where I find the time! I had a text from my shoplady and she sold one of my brooches already! yey!

    Thanks Shaheen :D If you move near my side of the border when you get to Wales I'm still totally up for teaching you to crochet! x

    1. Thanks Sooz,
      so kind of you, but I will be in South Wales - a little bit far from Welshpool.

      Thanks for the warm wishes.

  7. Ooh these look fab!! Your crochet flowers are gorgeous, I really really want one of the hair grips! Might have to take a little trip down to Welshpool :D

    Rosie (littlegreymittens on etsy)


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