Saturday, 28 January 2012

Things I Love January...

This month I'm loving...

* Seeing Em * my contract at work being extended 'til May * selling a couple of brooches in Chris's shop * new wardrobe - finally! * reading Fred the mermaid books and Warhorse and the Peach Keeper * nice Polyglot meeting * baby sweetcorn in my stir fry * buying me and mum ukuleles and learning to play somewhere over the rainbow * watching the Bake Off on TV * Hello Kitty perfume * charity shop bargains! * enormous, as big as my head onion * putting up my flowery, Emily-made fairy lights * laughing * organising fabric swaps * blogging * finishing lots of crochet things * crochet owls * nice crochet lesson with Karen * taking photos with my new camera * crunchy frost * giggling at work * 

This is the view from our bathroom window in our new house.  What, you mean not everyone can see a National Trust property while they're in the shower?!

My best friend usually lives in Brazil with her lovely Brazilian husband, but her work sent her to London for a course this month, so I got to spend a couple of days with her and our gorgeous mummies, eating yummy food, nattering and having a bit of ukulele madness!  Yey!

What do you love this month?  Hope you've had a lovely one! xxx


  1. We've loved having time off from work & being able to go out walking lots, we've also made a stand & got back into veganism - which we're very happy about, life feels very good at the moment!

    You've reminded me that I must learn to play my ukulele...

    Have a good week.

    Kay :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a nice time! Yey for veganism! You actually inspired me to get my Ukulele, I was filling in a very dull job application and started reading blogs instead, read that you had one and a mania was born, 10 minutes later I'd shouted my mum to come upstairs and Ukuleles had been purchased!


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