Friday, 20 January 2012

Frosty Garden Day...

What's the weather doing where you are?  I hope my garlics survive the frost!


  1. Your garlic should be fine :) Mine survived a few feet of snow and -19 temps the other year. Love your pictures :)

  2. Oh phew, I'm glad about that, I know it says in the book that it likes to get cold but I wasn't sure how cold was too cold! Thanks Dreamer :)

  3. Snowy winter wonderland... it doesn't snow here... it looks magical over there though... enjoy! Hope you veg survives all this snowy'ness! ;-) We've had a few heat waves and to be honest would prefer your weather any day!

  4. It was very pretty, we're back to mild weather now! This wasn't even snow, Carolyn, just frost! We haven't really had snow this winter, just one burst that lasted about 10 minutes when I was at work one day...hope you survive the heat! Time for a lie down and get someone to bring you a cold drink I reckon!


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