Monday, 30 January 2012

Library Love...Craft Cycle, The Gift, War Horse...

This month I've loved reading....

Craftcycle - Heidi Boyd
There are looooads of projects in this book I want to try.  They all use eco-friendly or recycled materials...I particularly like the sock babies, coiled fabric baskets, owl clothes peg holder, woven crisp bag bag, cd clock and candle mugs.  This book also has yummy recipes and eco-tips for each season too!

The Gift - James Patterson
This is the second in a series of YA books about Whit and Whisty Allgood, teen witches on the run from a brutal, bald dictator and his totalitarian regime, which bans books, music and magic.  I know James Patterson is a popular author because I see his books coming in and out of work all the time, but I've never really been tempted by any of them 'till I saw this series.  So far they've been really fact paced, the characters are great and I'm enjoying finding references to adult sci-fi/post apocalyptic books I've read (they go to the Brave New World centre for 're-education'...they even live in a shopping mall like in the TV series The Tribe!)

Warhorse - Michael Morpurgo
I feel a bit like it's a cliche reading this book at the moment, there's a waiting list at the library for it as long as my arm, but I wanted to read it before I watch the film.  I was a little put off at the start, because the horse is the narrator, but then I realised that he had to be, becuase he's the only character that's in it all the way through.  After I got over that (and the fact that the horse can under stand German as well as English - clever old horse!) I really enjoyed it, although I did cry 3 times!

I also came across this, it's in a book shop rather than a Library but it's pretty spectacular!


  1. Love the video - books look good too!

    K&S xx

    1. Me too, I've been sharing that video everywhere recently!

  2. We've been to the library today too, where I also picked up a couple of crafting/sewing books for ideas.That one you have looks interesting - try the coil pots they are fun to make :)

  3. Yey for libraries with good crafty sections! I do want to try coiled baskets, but I don't think my sewing machine would like it!


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