Monday, 2 January 2012

Things I Love This Month...

This month I love...

* Muppets Christmas Carol * swirling about in the snow * unprofessional giggling at work * shiney new big camera * candles * cliff richard singing teddy bear * She and Him Christmas CD * posh drinks in posh hotels with open fireplaces * national trust Christmas party * ordering a new wardrobe * 2 new pairs of PJ bottoms * getting a star shaped mini cookie cutter in my Christmas cracker * chocolate reindeer *  Christmas cups * getting a hair cut * Christmas drinks with traditional Christmas drinks people * fluffy the snail not being dead (he scared me for a while, but I think he was just hibernating!) * Hello Kitty plasters * granny crochet cardigan, £4.99 from the charity shop, patchwork quily £2.50 from the charity shop..yey!! *  Christmas tree lights * ceramic cup cakes * homemade onion bahjis * Dr Who stickers on my new diary *

Over on The Organic Gypsy Carolyn was kind enough to add me to her list of blogs she's loved this year...thanks should go and check out her blog, she's lovely! 

I'm not really feeling the new year this year, I find out if I lose my lovely job at the end of January (which I probably will, because the whole council is being restructured and I'm on a temporary contract that will end at the end of January...ekk!) and my best friend has just moved to Brazil (for 3 months to start with, for longer if he can find a job out there) So I think that has something to do with the lack of positivity for 2012.  I've spent all of 2012 in my PJs, sulking about the house! I like to set some goals though, so I have something to look forward to, so this year I want to do a pottery class, or a photography class, meet new friends, move out of my mums house, find a new job, and if I don't find a new job I'm going to go on a travelly/volunteery type adventure somewhere (I've looked at teaching English in Japan, American Summer Camps and learning Spanish in Spain courses..any recommendations?).  There, I feel a little better about 2012 just having planned something exciting for myself!! Do you have any exciting plans for the new year?  Hope you have a great 2012!


  1. Happy New Year Sooz!

    Looks like you've had a great time, but sorry about your job & friend leaving...

    We want to grow more of our food this year & I want to get into my crocheting & learn to play the ukulele Sime bought me a couple of years ago!

    Kay :)

  2. Sounds like an exciting year ahead for you!

    --Jaclyn T

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  3. Thanks Kay, happy new year to you too! I want to grow lots of yummy food this year too! and I look forward to seeing your crochet adventures!

    Happy new year Jacyln!

  4. Sounds like time for change. Be brave. Take the plunge x

  5. I think you're right Joddle! Thanks :D xx


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