Monday, 23 December 2013

Celebrating Christmas...

Oh I love Christmas.  I have been watching Christmas films, listening to Christmas music, wearing Christmas socks, painting my toenails red and green and all manner of other Christmassy activities.  But mostly I have been enjoying being at home, surrounded by my cosy, Christmassy things...

These are some of my favourite baubles and tree decorations.  My tree was a bit sparse last year and I only had purple and silver tinsel (see photo below, I had only just moved in this time last year!)...

I'm much happier with my red and green and silver and gold, tinselly, baubley, candy caney tree this year!

Clockwise from top left - a little bald fairy (she's called ally pecia) I sewed years ago, a flying pig and cute little baubles I bought new this year, a retro santa bauble and a robin off my mum, you can just see a bear sitting on a drum in this one that's from my childhood and a pink reindeer which was a present from mum too, this next one is from the German Christmas Market in Birmingham that I went to a few weeks ago, felt snowflake from a lovely blog swap last year, felt reindeer from a cute little shop in Machynlleth on my birthday, this little wooden santa is very special, he came from a party given by my best friend when we were little, I wasn't friends with her really at the time, we went to the same school and lived near each other but didn't really mix, I remember being confused about being invited, even though we still didn't really make friends for a couple of years after that, little wooden santa reminds me of her.  In the centre is my new 99p pink tinsel star! 

I love having a tree full of special ornaments!

I put my tree up on the 24th November, but I was quite restrained with the rest of my Christmas knick-knacks and candles, they only went out last weekend.

I made this pine cone Christmas tree at Rainbows and the glass Christmas octopus is from the German Christmas Market.

I took this photo of my Christmas countdown a while ago!

I even have some sticky window things on my kitchen window to brighten up my view of a wall! 

I hope you are all ready for Father Christmas, and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. happy christmas! looks great! glad to see my little snowflake on the tree! has it been a year since we swapped??x

    1. Merry Christmas! It has been a year since that swap, hasn't it whizzed by fast! (I feel old!) xx


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