Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Jewellery...Snowmen, Snowflakes, Bells, Beads and Trees...

I decided to make some Christmas Jewellery this year, as I didn't really have any and I got loads of lovely beads in my Crafty Creatives Christmas box.  It's nice to have Christmassy jewellery to wear to work in the run up to Christmas too!

This is what I've been up to...

These Christmas tree pendants are made from lovely stone tree beads, with a long end-pin threaded with seed beads then hooked into a loop at the top.  I think they're really pretty, which is why I made myself two!  (I have one necklace that I like to wear with a different pendant on each day, which is why you can see the same silver necklace in each photo!)

The lovely blue Christmas bells cabochon came in CC Christmas box and I bought the bail on ebay, then glued them together, easy peasy!

These snowflake earrings were easy too, just slipped the snowflake charms onto earring wires.

There is a new bead shop in my little town, it tempts me with it's shinys!  I bought the glass snowman beads for something like £3 for 5, then threaded them onto head pins and onto earring wires and a big jump ring to make earrings and a pendant.

I shall be suitably bedecked in shiny Christmassyness for tomorrow!

Have you done any Christmas crafting?  I crocheted a lot of presents too, I will show you after Christmas!

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