Thursday, 5 December 2013

Things I Loved This Month...November...

This month I've loved....

* Curry * trip to Birmingham, eating mushroom fajitas in Las Igunanas and seeing Eddi Reader, who was sooooooo good and is one of my favourites and I was on the front row, directly in front of her!!! * Skyping with my Brazil friend * sunshine * having my breakfast made for me * having a cooked breakfast made for me (spoiled!) * watching Iron Man 3, Pushing Up Dasies, Hairspray, Made in Chelsea, The Paradise * My little neice, now nearly 4 months old, she can sit up by herself, talks in her own language and I've still not changed her nappy! hurrah! * Making donkey masks, glittery Christmas cards and Christmas cakes at Rainbows * sparkly stars * remembrance day parade, I've never done it before, it's a nice thing to do and  my 5-7 year old Rainbow Guides were better behaved than some of the older girls (proud!) * tidy flat * chocolate reindeer * lovely work friends * Second trip to Birmingham, to the German Christmas market (forgot my camera though!), I ate delicious fried German mushrooms and potatoes, a pretzel, an onion bahji wrap and balti chips, yum!  Bought some pretty sparklies, popped into the war memorial, which is special and beautiful, and spent a couple of hours in Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum, specially liked the Pre-Raphaelite art *  Mum picking me up from work and making my tea * meeting a new vegan friend! * Crafty Creatives boxes in the post, sooo exciting! * 50th ANNIVERSARY DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Putting my Christmas tree up (I couldn't wait any more!) * crochet magazines * pay day * Platty the platypus * 

I feel really lucky to have had such a lovely month, especially as it started with me finding out on the 1st of November that one of the charities I help with is closing due to lack of funding and everyone there has been made redundant, a friend at work is relocating to another branch and my gas and leccy supplier had been illegally switched to a different company and having to deal with lots of grown-up-osity to get it switched back!  So yeah, lots of good stuff after that! Yey! 

Hope you all had happy Novembers too!?

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