Monday, 30 December 2013

Things I Loved This Month...December 2013...

This month I've loved...

* skyping * new fairy lights * falafel * being bought flowers, pink stripy flowers * being given a biiig bag of wool a friend was clearing out * warm house * watching While you Were Sleeping, the Hobbit, Fred Claus, Marie Antoinette and The Polar Express  * charity shopping * curry shaped like a star * my lovely niece, now 5 months old, she is soo tall, loves standing up (with help!) and bouncing and blowing raspberries and is very dribbly - we're waiting for teeth to appear! * advent calendars - vegan chocolate and Doctor Who * light up bunny lamp * Christmas sing along * Wetherspoon chips * 6am hash browns in bed * quizzes at work * reindeer candy canes * new vampire books * no work for nearly 2 weeks! * Christmas!!!!! sleepover at mums, stocking, dinner at my bros, choccy hedgehog cake, lovely presents, boxing day sales shopping, crackers with wind up snails and cute whimsies, second Christmas with my boy, Indian Christmas dinner and lovely presents* 

Hope you've had lovely Decembers too!


  1. What is that fun looking chocolate guy in the upper right corner? Is that a hedgehog cake?!

    1. Yes, my mum makes me a vegan chocolate hedgehog cake every Christmas, and on my birthday too :D


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