Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Crochet...Snowflakes, Cowl, Hand Warmers and Elf Baby Hat...

I started off being really organised with my Christmas crochet and began work in November.  However, I still found myself madly crocheting on Christmas eve! Anyway, here's what I made...

I made a couple of cotton crochet snowflakes using the lovely, easy, free pattern on Attic 24, for the ladies I do Rainbow Guides with.

I made a crochet cowl for my mum, using this free crochet pattern.  I did it in turquoises and blues to match with her new teal coat.

My brother, sister in law and got crochet hand warmers, I used this free hand warmer pattern I found on Ravelry.  I used a big hook and 2 strands of wool held together, so they worked up really quickly and are thick and warm.

Finally, I made an elf hat for my little niece, she is 5 months old now.  I used this free pattern for an elf hat, but made it using DK and a 4mm hook, crocheted in a spiral rather than in rows, and used htr (uk) instead of dc (usa) - so it's a loose interpretation!  I wound the end of the hat into a spiral and sewed it together (you can see that in the second photo, I finished this hat at mums house on Christmas eve!) instead of using a pompom.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I used some yarn called 'James C. Brett Baby Marble', which is the only yarn I actually bought for all these projects, the rest was from my stash!

Phew!  Did you make any Christmas gifts this year?


  1. love that little elf hat! i made some of those crochet snowflakes too... but that's about all i managed!

    1. Thanks Sian :) I have a feeling more crochet snowflakes are in my future!

  2. WHOA!!! Sooz, what marvellous things you made for this Christmas!!! You're so clever! I had so little time to read your posts but now I see so many beautiful things... as for your Christmas cards, I love them!!! :)
    Have wonderful, green, and creative holidays!!!

    1. Aww thanks Danda! Happy holidays to you too! :D


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