Friday, 22 July 2016

Collections, Rainbow guide badges.

I have a lot of collections, so I thought I'd start showing you some of them.

Collections, rainbow guide badges. #girlguiding #guiding #badges #rainbowguides #rainbowguidebadges #guidingbadges #patches

I love my collection of Rainbow guide badges because there's a memory attached to each one.  

Looking at these badges reminds me of making chocolate cow pats, taking part in remembrance day parades, decorating unicorn horns then galloping round the hall in whirl of joy, sitting in the sunshine watching the girls splash and shriek in paddling pools and learning how to balance a plate on a stick. 

Collections, rainbow guide badges. #girlguiding #guiding #badges #rainbowguides #rainbowguidebadges #guidingbadges #patches

My favourite badges are the unicorn challenge badge and the Queen's 90th birthday one, just because they're both so pretty!

Lots of people sew their badges onto a camp blanket, but my girls are only 5,6 and 7 years old, a bit little for camping!  I've sewn my Rainbow badges on a tote bag.  I use it to take my stuff to rainbows each week!

Collections, rainbow guide badges. #girlguiding #guiding #badges #rainbowguides #rainbowguidebadges #guidingbadges #patches

There are 3 years worth of badges on my bag so far, one side proudly and prettily filled.  I came back to Guiding 3 years ago, after being a Brownie, Guide and Young Leader when I was younger.  I'm so glad I did, when else would I get the opportunity to eat a chocolate cow pat! 

What do you collect?  Do you have your own camp blanket full of Guiding memories? 


  1. I was never a Guide, Brownie OR Rainbow! I was about the only one in my class. Never seemed to have a spare evening as a child- always out doing music!

    1. I was never a Rainbow myself, they didn't exist when I was a child (feel old!!), looks like all your evenings of music have stood you in good stead considering what you do now! (although you could easily have earned your entertainers badge at Brownies!!!)


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