Monday, 18 July 2016

Graze box - for vegans!

Graze box for vegans! #vegan #grazebox #graze #vegangraze

I've subscribed to Graze box, to get yummy, healthy, vegan snacks posted through my letter box every month!

When you subscribe you say your food preferences (no bananas, olives or pinapple, thank you!) and diet (Graze has 54 vegan options).  Once you've started getting boxes you rate the snacks, from 'bin to 'try', 'like' and 'love'.  If you really love something you can ask the people at Graze to 'send soon' too!

This is what I got in my second box,

Herby bread basket - this one is my fave, the garlic crostini are garlicy, the basil baguettes are sweet and herby and the oregano rice crackers are the best things I've ever tasted!  Everything is crispy and delicious in this Graze punnet and it's only 90 calories. Love.  Send soon.

Jaffa cake - this Graze box has nice big vegan chocolate buttons, tangy orange raisins and nice toasty hazelnuts.  My only complaint is that the orange flavoured raisins taste a bit artificial, like cheap pop.  Although I loved the chocolate I wouldn't try this one again.  Bin.

Sour cream and garlic crostini - I want to always be eating this. The same garlicky crunchy crostini that are in herby bread basket, and sour cream and onion cashews.  Oh mah goodness, these are too good!  I love vegan friendly sour cream and onion flavoured stuff, it makes me so happy!  Love.  Send soon.

New York everything bagel - I didn't think I'd like these, because I didn't like the sesame sticks in the other box, but they're nicer, crispier, and have a nice toasty, seedy taste and very mild onion.  Like.

Do you get Graze boxes?  What are your favourites?

Check out my other vegan Graze boxes too! 

Subscribe to Graze with my code to get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free - it's SUSIEE65P


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