Monday, 4 July 2016

Easy green actions and articles, July 2016.

Easy green actions and articles, July 2016.

Time for this month's round up of easy and nice eco-friendly actions and articles,

I want to live here.

And I want to be friends with this 25 year old environmentalist who's running for congress in America.  


Indigenous people, the Munduruku, in the Amazon rain forest are making progress in having the territory they live in recognised and protected.  Sign Greenpeace's petition to show support and put pressure on Brazil's government to recognise the Munduruku people's home before it's destroyed by a damn.  

Scientists believe the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica could be closed by the middle of the century.
Researchers from the US and the UK found that the hole had shrunk by a fifth since 2000, which they said was evidence the layer was really on the mend. 

It's plastic free July!  Check out their website for more details, I especially like their A-Z of plastic free alternatives

I love these guys in India who are selling cheap wind turbines - can I have one please!?

I post these kinds of things on twitter all month, so find me there if this is your kind of thing too!


  1. Wow! Fantastic o zone layer news! :)

  2. I, too had no idea about the ozone layer. Great news. X

  3. Excellent!! I've signed the petition and I'm all about being plastic free! I'm trying to get a plastic free kitchen as well!

  4. I've signed the petition and how good is that about the Ozone layer!??!?!x


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