Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Make one small change - shop local.

Making one small change at a time can make becoming eco friendly loads easier.  Lots of small changes add up to a big difference.

Make one small change - shop local. #shoplocal

Shopping local sounds easy, but it can be a tricky habit to get into when you can easily get all the shopping your heart desires delivered to your door.

But.  In my town we have a lovely market, an independent greengrocers, a health food shop, excellent chippies and takeaways and a couple of nice pubs a short walk away.  We just discovered a new comic book/board game stall on the market that's going to host our town's first comicon in December, and there's a nice looking new cafe too.

Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future, but I think we might all have less money to go around.  I'd rather invest the money I have in local businesses and the things I want to have in my local town, than give my pennies to a big multinationals. 

Loads of studies have shown that more money stays in your community when you spend with local businesses.  And there are lots of other benefits too, like being able to buy unwrapped (i.e. plastic free) fruit and veg, saving Co2 and travel costs by avoiding out of town superstores, sustaining and creating local jobs and keeping local businesses and services in small town centres. 

I want my town to be a vibrant, happy community, and I plan on voting with my money to try to help that happen.  

Do you shop local?  What are your favorite local shops?

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  1. I do try and shop locally if possible. It's not always easy if there's a budget to stick to. We have quite a few farm shops in the area so we always like to buy food which has been produced locally as well as the shops in our nearest town. X

    1. I understand, we have to stick to a budget too, but I try to at least buy my fresh fruit and veg locally, and if we had a car we'd definitely buy from one of the lovely farm shops that are round here but not on a bus route!

  2. We don't have a market or anything like that in the town, we tend to pick things up from markets and local shops when we're out and about though. I use a local shop for pet food and garden things, they'll drop things off for me too, which is great. We have a book shop too, next time I can't get something from the library I'll order from there.

    I think there is a greengrocer in another part of town, I'll take a look at that, thanks for the reminder.

  3. It's a very good idea!


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