Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Vegan chocolate milk ice lollies, a recipe and some inspiration.

It's been too hot this summer!  So I've been making yummy and ridiculously easy vegan chocolate milk ice lollies!

Vegan chocolate milk ice lollies, a recipe and some inspiration. #vegan #veganicelollies #risoscotti #veganlifemagazine #dairyfree

I was sent some lovely Riso Scotti rice and oat milks to try so I used them to make my lollies.  I used the rice and quinoa, and oat milk varieties of Riso Scotti and both froze really well.  

You will need
dairy free milk (I used Riso Scotti)
vegan drinking chocolate powder (I used Cadbury)
ice lolly molds (I have some silicone, push up style ones from Ikea)
a spoon

How to make your yummy vegan ice lollies
These are really easy to make!  Fill your ice lolly molds almost to the top with vegan milk.  Then add a teaspoon of drinking chocolate powder.  Use the end of the spoon to get in your lolly mold and mix it all up properly.  Pop in the freezer for a few hours and then they'll be ready! 

Because they're made from Cadbury drinking chocolate these ice lollies actually taste like Cadbury milk chocolate.  But they're vegan.  Wahoo! 

Here are some more lovely vegan milk ice lolly recipe ideas,

This month's issue of Vegan Life Magazine has loads of lovely ice cream and popsicle recipes (and Cadbury's drinking chocolate - key ingredient in my chocolate milk lollies - gets a shout out in their accidentally vegan section!)  I like the look of these green monster pops!

Vegan chocolate milk ice lollies, a recipe and some inspiration. #vegan #veganicelollies #risoscotti #veganlifemagazine #dairyfree
photo from Vegan Life Magazine.

Disclosure - I was sent some Riso Scotti to try, I like it!  I get a digital subscription to Vegan Life Magazine in return for giving them a shout out every month.  I only work with brands I like and all opinions and ideas are my own.  Vegan Life Mag is ace, you can subscribe here.



  1. Yes!!! My son will love these! I'll try them this weekend! Thank you for sharing these, Tammy xx

    1. Aww hope he enjoys, they're simple and really yummy!

  2. Sounds so easy - and delicious!


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